Tailored Assay

You have molecules? You need to characterize their biological effect? You need a tailored assay to evaluate your molecules?
Ask us! Within few days, we will provide answers to your needs.

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Make the good choice: find the best compound!

Tailored Assay

Our scientists developed dozens of specific test to evaluate small molecules.

We can develop the assay that you need with clear go/no-go and then test hundreds of compounds in weekly basis. Save time and build directly your SAR in living cells.

  • Tailored test to evaluate your molecules

  • Build your SAR in living cells

  • Long-term commitment

  • Easy communication at every step of the way

  • A study director assigned to your project

  • CIR certified = 30% tax saving for you

Once you have selected your leads. Investigate in details their mechanism of action with us:

  • Protein expression (cells, tissus…) vs molecule activity

  • Phenotypic characterization

  • Protein-Protein Interaction studies

  • Off-target/On-target studies

Long-term following of your project: we can perform in vivo Proof-of-Concept with your leads (mice models).

Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

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