Tubulin Polymerization Assay Kit

Our Tubulin Polymerization Assay kit is now distributed under EMD Millipore brand. This ready-to-use kit includes all what you need to monitor microtubule assembly in vitro. Also available directly from us.

Tubulin polymerization assay kit

Measure microtubules assembly in vitro with our easy to use tubulin polymerization assay kit containing everything you need:

  • GTP (20 µL at 200 mM),

  • polymerization buffer (300 µL at 5x),

  • control compounds (taxol and colchicine in DMSO, 10 µL at 700 µM of each),

  • a half-area flat bottom 96-well plate,

  • and our high quality tubulin (>99%) of course (2 x 130 µL at 240 µM).

The tubulin polymerization assay kit contains products and reagents sufficient for 16 reactions.

Key applications:

  • In vitro microtubule assembly

  • Monitoring microtubule assembly in microscopy

  • Monitoring in vitro tubulin polymerization in presence of small molecules or proteins that can impact microtubule polymerization

Under recommended storage conditions, the tubulin polymerization assay kit is guaranteed for 12 months after delivery. Tubulin must be stored at ≤-80°C or in liquid nitrogen. Thawing and refreezing is not recommended, as it may cause partial tubulin inactivation/aggregation, impacting polymerization results. All other components are stored at -20°C.

native tubulin polymerization

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